October 14, 2008

Purpose of Site

This site is for those interested in New York City real estate values
and the factors that may have an effect on those values.
This site is to be useful for property owners, investors, lenders, planners, advisers, advocates and those with a general interest in property values.

How it works
NYC property statistics will be posted every month.
These stats will be sourced directly from the NYC Assessors Office, The NYC Department of Finance and the City Register.

This will allow viewers to have information direct from the source without interpretation. The objective is to provide unadulterated data to the general public. Such raw data is available from the city, however it is not necessarily made meaningful to the reader. This site will hopefully aid in the understanding and usefulness of such data and thereby help to develop meaningful and actionable information about NYC property values for the average user.
In addition, there will be the ability to post comments and questions.

In the coming weeks a site will be made available for those desiring the ability to access and manipulate or query the data for professional uses, i.e. appraisal work, feasibility studies, financial planning, legal use or some other such need requiring more sophisticated querying.

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